Getting Started

Before we dive in, cxflow has to be installed properly.


In order to run and install cxflow, the following utilities must be installed:

  • Python 3.5+
  • pip 9.0+

Cxflow depends on additional dependencies which are listed in the requirements.txt file. Nevertheless, these dependencies are automatically installed by pip (see below).


The simplest way of installing cxflow is using pip. This is the recommended option for majority of users.

pip install cxflow

Optionally, install additional plugins by installing cxflow-<plugin-name>. TensorFlow backend for cxflow can be installed by:

pip install cxflow-tensorflow

In order to use cxflow nightly builds, install it directly from the source code repository (dev branch).

pip install -U git+

Developer Installation

Finally, cxflow might be installed directly for development purposes.

git clone
cd cxflow
pip install -e .

The cxflow test suite can be executed by running the following command in the cloned repository:

python test